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Registration is available upon request up to 2 weeks before the test date.



The TOEFL ITP® is part of the TOEFL® family of tests and is a flexible and reliable tool for assessing listening and reading comprehension, including grammar skills for academic English.

  • it offers continuous placement test with placement in the respective CEFR level (no pass-or-fail system)
  • using paper and pencil.



 Registration is available upon request up to 2 weeks before the exam date.


Language Level:

The test covers language levels from A2 to C1, according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

  • Listening Comprehension: 50 multiple-choice questions in 35 min.
  • Structure & Written Expression: 40 multiple-choice questions in 25 min.
  • Reading Comprehension: 50 multiple-choice questions in 55 min.

Duration: The test duration is 115 minutes.
  • The TOEFL ITP® test is used for testing and certification of current English language skills. It is commonly used by educational institutions to assess and measure the learning progress of their students, as well as for admission, accreditation, placement, and as an exit test for certain degree programs.
  • Please note that the TOEFL ITP® test is primarily intended for non-English speaking countries and is not a substitute for the TOEFL® iBT (internet-based test).


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