Placement Tests

Evaluate Your Language Skills 

Our free online placement test is designed to assess your language proficiency and determine the appropriate course level for you. Take the test to get started.

Placement Test: Free Determination of Your Language Level!

The LaS placement test is your individual language assessment.

Determining your language level is important so that your language training with us, your language school in Dessau, is a perfect fit from the start, allowing you to learn exactly what you need.

  • What is your current language level?
  • What knowledge can you build upon?
  • What goals would you like to achieve through language training?
  • How can you most effectively expand your linguistic capabilities?

Our placement test has many advantages:

The test is:

  • Free
  • Objective
  • Accurate
  • Easy to administer

It is not an exam but rather a proven instrument that provides you with a reliable assessment of your language skills.

Regardless of whether you have little experience with your target language or are already proficient in it, our placement test is definitely recommended.

Because the test results provide guidance:

  • You get a detailed overview of your current level of knowledge.
  • You learn what you can build upon and which areas you can further strengthen.
  • You save time and money on learning, as you start directly in the right language course with appropriate content!


You will start directly in the appropriate language course with the relevant content!


Procedure of the Placement Test: 5 Steps to Determine Your Language Level

The placement test is conducted in 5 steps, which provide us with a solid basis for determining your language level.


Step 1: Choose between online or PDF

Decide how you would like to take the placement test.

You have the choice between:

Regardless of the method you choose, both methods provide you with an individual and reliable result!

Important: The placement test is free of charge and non-binding. 

You are not committing to any course obligation by taking the test.


Step 2: Before you get started, please note the following instructions

Are you motivated and ready to start your placement test? That's great!

Please take note of and follow our instructions before taking the test. These are important to ensure accurate results.

If you are taking the placement test online, the page "3 important things to consider before getting started" will be displayed automatically before your test.

If you are taking the placement test as a downloadable PDF (coming soon), you will find the instructions on the first page of the test.


Step 3: The Test

Finally, it's time to begin! You will take your placement test and answer as many questions as you can within 45 minutes.

You will be tested on:

  • Your vocabulary skills
  • Your knowledge of language structures
  • Your understanding of typical situations

Important: Don't put yourself under pressure!


Step 4: Self-assessment

Here, you will assess which tasks you can already successfully handle in practice today and where you want to apply your knowledge in the future.

This will help us find the best possible language course for you!


Step 5: Evaluation

The test evaluation is initially generated automatically. The result will then be reviewed by one of our specialists at the training center.

They will also determine if an additional in-person assessment is necessary for an accurate placement.

We will get in touch with you regarding this matter.


Sie können den Einstufungstest in 2 verschiedenen Sprachen absolvieren: Deutsch und Englisch.

Please select below which type of LaS placement test in your target language you would like to take.

Your desired language is not listed here?

No worries, in this case, a placement assessment in your foreign language will be conducted by one of our language teachers.

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