English Language Assessment 

Have the English language skills of your applicants and/or employees assessed


English Language Assessment

Assessing English Language Skills for Informed Decision-Making

  • Are you looking to fill a new position and ensure that the English language skills of your applicants are adequate?
  • Do you need to make the right decision when internally reassigning a position based on existing foreign language proficiency?


We offer the LaS Dessau language assessment - a fast, reliable, and independent evaluation, backed by the LaS quality seal.


Finding the right candidate is not always easy, which is why our language appraisal is designed to assist you in making informed decisions.

Key features of our language assessment:

  • Location-independent: Can be conducted online, at your company, or at our premises.
  • Fast: Results delivered within 48 hours.
  • Individual: Flexible appointment scheduling.
  • Professional and straightforward.

Four simple steps to a Learn and Speak language assessment

Step 1

Contact us and provide the necessary candidate information, along with your appointment request:

John Lazaridis

0340/ 260 26 14


Step 2

We will get in touch with you to discuss further details.

Step 3

The assessment will be conducted either online or on-site.

Step 4

You will receive the assessment results via email within 48 hours.

Language Assessment Procedure and Structure

Our language assessment covers listening, reading, speaking, and writing, and follows the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) guidelines. The test can be taken at our school, your company, or online. This enables us to evaluate the language proficiency of applicants who are currently located elsewhere in Germany or abroad.

The language test typically takes 2 hours, with results provided within 48 hours. This ensures a reliable and timely basis for decision-making in your candidate selection process.

We also offer industry-specific language assessments. Feel free to contact us for more information!

Discover the advantages of the LaS Dessau language assessment compared to a standard language certificate


➡️ Our recommendation:

✅ The LaS Halle Language Assessment

    telc exam (B1-C1)  
Exam duration 2 hours 1 day
Registration period 7 days 30 days
Exam dates individual appointment fixed dates
Examination location online, at your location or at our location only at our location
Duration of evaluation 48 hours 6-8 weeks
Exam structure Speaking, listening, reading, writing Speaking, listening, reading, writing
Job-related Possible Possible
Certificate LaS Halle Language assessment telc Certificate
Subsequent consultation Yes Yes
Price 130€ 170-220€


On request, we can advise your company based on the results of potential new employees or trainees and provide concrete recommendations regarding language training options (face-to-face or online instruction, group or individual courses, flexible scheduling). We are also available to discuss funding opportunities.

To order your language assessment or for any further questions, please contact us. You are also welcome to use our contact form.

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John Lazaridis

Phone: +49 3 40/260 26 14

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