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Whether you're listening to the radio, reading magazines, using streaming services, or making professional connections across cultures, the English language is unavoidable these days!

English is a global language, and mastering it is becoming increasingly natural and essential.

LaS, your language school in Dessau, is here to help you achieve your personal goals and guide you in selecting the right English course.


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We provide the following English courses in Dessau:

Our courses offer numerous advantages, including:

  • Small groups with a maximum of 4-8 people.
  • Qualified trainers who teach levels A1-C1.
  • Courses tailored to your specific needs, whether it's private lessons, lessons in open groups, or English lessons designed to prepare you for your professional life. Learn according to your requirements!

Choose between personalized and individual learning in one-on-one English classes or join others in open English group classes. We will help you achieve your goals.


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5 Compelling Reasons to Learn English!

In this era of globalization, travel freedom, and internationality, the significance of the English language has never been greater. Here are the top five reasons why deepening your knowledge of English is extremely beneficial:


  1. English is a global language!


With us you will learn English from native speakers in a pleasant atmosphere.

At Learn and Speak, you'll learn English from native speakers in a pleasant atmosphere. English is often referred to as a lingua franca, a second language that people across different parts of the world share. With English being used in over 50 countries alongside their official languages, and an estimated 1.5 billion speakers, there's every reason to become a part of it.


2. Enhance your Travel Experiences!

When you're on vacation or language trips, the limitations of the German language quickly become apparent. By being able to communicate in English, you'll find it much easier to get around. Many tourist destinations are located in English-speaking areas, and English is often spoken in places with a high number of tourists. Say goodbye to vacation stress: Asking for directions, exploring tourist attractions, and ordering in restaurants will soon become a breeze!


3. English is Crucial for the Professional World!

An increasing number of German companies are establishing business contacts with foreign counterparts. Improve your English skills at Learn and Speak Dessau to confidently and fluently engage with your business partners. Furthermore, good English skills are almost always a prerequisite, if not a significant advantage, when applying for a new job. Solid English skills are particularly beneficial in technical professions and start-ups.


4. Enjoy Series and Song Lyrics in their Original Language!

Once you start watching your favorite series in English or listening to songs in their original language, it's hard to go back. Experience the originals, where wordplay and charm remain intact, and enjoy your favorite artists in their authentic form. There are countless compelling reasons to start learning English now, just as there are countless favorite hits on your playlist!


5. Make Rapid Progress!

It's no secret: English has a relatively straightforward grammar, and accessing the English language is made easier due to its widespread usage. If you're not a fan of complex grammatical structures, you'll quickly feel comfortable with English.


Moreover, achieving success in language learning won't take long!

What Our Students Say About Our Language Courses:

"I chose a one-to-one course at [Learn and Speak] language school in Dessau to enhance my English skills for professional purposes. My English teacher, Olcay, makes the course informative, exciting, and provides clear explanations. He employs flexible and appropriate teaching methods and addresses my individual strengths and weaknesses professionally. The course is helping me progress and brings me great pleasure. The entire [LaS team] demonstrates outstanding competence, and I feel well taken care of there." 



"Wolpert Training Center was my preferred language school to learn English several years ago, and it remains so. I started with beginner courses, took several group courses, and also had individual lessons. All organizational matters, including assistance with funding applications, were efficiently handled by the friendly staff. The language school always accommodated my scheduling preferences, which was very helpful since I work. Group lessons with 3-5 participants and native speakers were excellent, and the individual coaching was particularly beneficial due to its intensive nature. I appreciate the fact that we communicate exclusively in the language we want to learn, as it helps overcome inhibitions and provides valuable feedback on our language proficiency. It's simply enjoyable." 



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