The Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)

The Framework of Reference ensures comparability

The European Framework of Reference for Languages ensures transparency and comparability of language competence. It provides detailed descriptions for each language skill (listening, reading, writing, and speaking) at each level, indicating the achieved language competence.


Language Levels - What can I do and when?

The following chart provides the answers. It offers a detailed description of each language competence level.

A1 - Orientation

At this level, you can understand and use very simple sentences and everyday expressions. You are able to introduce yourself and others, ask and answer questions about personal information, knowledge, and objects.

A2 - Communication

At this level, you can engage in basic communication in everyday situations, ask and answer simple questions related to work, and handle travel situations. You can understand slow and clear speech, including telephone conversations. Additionally, you can read and comprehend simple texts, signs, and instructions, as well as fill out forms and write simple messages.

B1 - Active Participation

At this level, you actively participate in your professional field and represent your company in international contacts. You communicate effectively and can provide nuanced statements. You are able to understand and engage in conversations and telephone calls with increasing confidence. Furthermore, you have a good understanding of standard business correspondence, reports, and meeting minutes. You can also compose simple business texts and minutes of meetings.

B2 - Contribute

At this level, you can express your professional expertise convincingly in a foreign language. You are capable of working with project participants in their native language and can deliver short presentations spontaneously. You can follow negotiations and presentations and feel confident in handling technically challenging telephone conversations. Additionally, you have the ability to read and comprehend sophisticated newspaper articles, trade journals, and business reports.

C1 - Manage

At this level, you have a high level of confidence in communicating with interlocutors in their native language. You effectively utilize your advanced linguistic competence in all business situations. You can understand and engage in complex negotiations at a normal conversational speed, including recognizing idiomatic subtleties. You are proficient in handling documents across all levels of business communication. Additionally, you are able to independently write speech manuscripts and reports on complex topics.

C2 - Act with Confidence

At the highest level of language proficiency, you communicate in the foreign language with the same ease as in your native language. You have mastered the linguistic subtleties and actively participate in all business situations with a relaxed approach. You feel completely confident when speaking on the telephone. Furthermore, you can effortlessly read and comprehend any written document.