Intensive Courses Funded by the Employment Agency or the Job Center

Admission Requirements for Course Participation

To participate in our courses, applicants must first complete a written placement test. In some cases, an interview with the pedagogical director may also be conducted to assess suitability and determine the appropriate starting module.

Our course graduates have achieved remarkable success in the job market. With an above-average placement rate of over 75% in the primary labor market, they have found great opportunities for employment. Additionally, more than 80% of our graduates have successfully reached their course goals, obtaining excellent final results on exams such as TOEIC or telc.

Learn and Speak is actively involved as a provider of business language training for companies within the logistics network in Central Germany. We also collaborate with other educational institutions specializing in various fields such as technology, logistics, commercial professions, and care.


Eligibility for Education or Activation Voucher

You may be eligible to receive an education or activation voucher under the following circumstances:

  • If you are registered as a job seeker and acquiring business language skills can enhance your employability.
  • If you wish to improve your qualifications while being employed and seek further training opportunities.
  • If you are at risk of job loss and acquiring relevant business language qualifications can help you avoid unemployment.
  • If you are currently on short-time work and want to enhance your skills in business languages.


How to Obtain Your Activation or Education Voucher

 To obtain your activation or education voucher, please follow these steps:

  • Take our placement test, which will assess your current language proficiency.
  • Benefit from a detailed and free consultation session where we will evaluate your language skills and recommend the appropriate course for you.
  • Receive a written program proposal from us, which you can present to your employment advisor.
  • If deemed necessary, your employment advisor will issue you an education voucher, which can be redeemed with us.
  • We will directly settle the costs with the Employment Agency, Job Center, or Municipal Employment Companies.

Training in the target language in groups supported by the activation voucher of the Federal Employment Agency / Job Center

As an AZAV-certified educational institution, we offer business language courses titled "Knowledge Transfer Languages for the Job." These courses can be undertaken in parallel to your current job or as a combination of in-person and virtual lessons (LaS fusion). These courses are funded by activation vouchers provided by the Job Center or the Employment Agency. Our intensive groups have a maximum of 15 participants, ensuring personalized attention and effective learning. We request a corresponding measure number for registration.

The duration of the course can range from one to eight weeks, with a maximum of 8 teaching units per day.

We provide training in job-specific content and skills in the following languages:

  •  French
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • German
  • English
  • Other languages can be certified upon request.


Job Application Training

In our "Job Application Training" module, which focuses on career orientation and profiling in the target language, we support you in your job search. Through group training sessions, we teach you the best and universally applicable strategies and assist you in creating impactful job application documents. As a language school, we prioritize the effective use of linguistic tools. By participating in our course, you will be well-prepared for future job interviews and gain the skills to effectively communicate and interact with potential employers.

Training in the target language as individual training supported by the activation voucher of the Federal Employment Agency / Job Center

We also offer individual training sessions in the target language, supported by the activation voucher provided by the Federal Employment Agency or Job Center. These sessions are tailored to your specific needs and goals, allowing for a customized learning experience.

We offer the program "Knowledge Transfer Languages for the Job (Individual Training)" certified by the Federal Employment Agency/Job Center. This program can be undertaken on a part-time basis, and if needed, it can also be scheduled outside of regular working hours or as a combination of in-person and virtual lessons (LaS fusion). The course duration can range from one to eight weeks, with a maximum of 4 teaching units per day.

Job-specific content and competencies can be taught for the following languages:

Language Number 
Arabic 044-1629-21
Chinese 044-1629-21
German 044-1629-21
English  044-1629-21
French 044-1629-21
Italian 044-1629-21
Dutch 044-1629-21
Norwegien 044-1629-21
Polish 044-1629-21
Portuguese 044-1629-21
Russian 044-1629-21
Swedish 044-1629-21
Spanish 044-1629-21
Czech 044-1629-21
Turkish 044-1629-21
Danish 044-1629-21
Japanese 044-1629-21


Application Training

In our "Job Application Training/Profiling" module, we provide individual training to support you in your job search. We teach you customized strategies and work together to create meaningful application documents. As a language school, we place great emphasis on the effective use of language. By participating in our course, you will be well-prepared for future job interviews and gain the skills to communicate and interact with potential employers.

Training Center Business Languages supported by the Education Voucher of the Federal Employment Agency/Job Center

As an AZAV-certified training provider, we offer the Business Language Training Center. This program is funded by education vouchers from the Federal Employment Agency/Job Center/Municipal Employment Companies. The training is conducted in groups with a maximum of 15 participants (starting from seven participants). In case of a group size of fewer than ten participants, two blended learning lessons per day are possible. The course duration can range from two to four months, with a maximum of 6 teaching units per day. A corresponding measure number will be requested.


The following languages can be learned through the program:

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Polish
  • Italian
  • Chinese
  • Russian
  • Portuguese

What Our Students Say About Our Language Courses:

"I chose a one-to-one course at [Learn and Speak] language school in Dessau to enhance my English skills for professional purposes. My English teacher, Olcay, makes the course informative, exciting, and provides clear explanations. He employs flexible and appropriate teaching methods and addresses my individual strengths and weaknesses professionally. The course is helping me progress and brings me great pleasure. The entire [LaS team] demonstrates outstanding competence, and I feel well taken care of there." 



"Wolpert Training Center was my preferred language school to learn English several years ago, and it remains so. I started with beginner courses, took several group courses, and also had individual lessons. All organizational matters, including assistance with funding applications, were efficiently handled by the friendly staff. The language school always accommodated my scheduling preferences, which was very helpful since I work. Group lessons with 3-5 participants and native speakers were excellent, and the individual coaching was particularly beneficial due to its intensive nature. I appreciate the fact that we communicate exclusively in the language we want to learn, as it helps overcome inhibitions and provides valuable feedback on our language proficiency. It's simply enjoyable." 



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