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BAMF Integration Course: Getting a Foothold with LaS Dessau

The BAMF Integration Course was developed to make your start in Germany uncomplicated and facilitate your integration through the provision of relevant content. Therefore, in most cases, it is supported by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF).

LaS, your language school in Dessau, competently supports you on this journey. Together with other participants, you will learn the essential basics of language, history, and German law to quickly feel at home in Germany.

With a total of 700 teaching units, the BAMF Integration Course will enable you to confidently and without uncertainties apply the German language in specific everyday situations.

You will cover the following topics, among others:

  • Shopping and housing
  • Leisure activities and social contacts
  • Work and occupation
  • German healthcare system and doctor visits
  • Authorities and offices


What will I learn in a BAMF Integration Course?

The German Integration Course has two objectives:

  • Improving your German language skills to handle everyday situations such as shopping, filling out forms, or having a conversation with your neighbor effortlessly.
  • Providing you with important knowledge about values, culture, and history of Germany. This will help you navigate your new home country of Germany more quickly and effectively. In short, you will be able to integrate faster and establish connections!

Your Integration Course consists of two parts: a language course and an orientation course.


The Language Course:

In the first part, the language course, you and your classmates will focus entirely on learning important vocabulary and grammar.

The language course is divided into the basic language course and the advanced language course.

During a total of 600 teaching units, you will engage with authentic topics from everyday life.

After completing the language course, you will be able to:

  • Write letters or emails in German
  • Independently find a new apartment
  • Apply for a job position


The Orientation Course:

Have you successfully completed the language course? Congratulations!

This qualifies you to attend the second part of your BAMF Integration Course: the orientation course.

The orientation course consists of 100 teaching units and provides you with fundamental knowledge about life in Germany.

Some of the key questions addressed in the course include:

  • What do I need to know about the German legal system?
  • What are the significant events in German history and culture?
  • What is the importance of values such as tolerance or gender equality in Germany?
  • What rights and obligations do I have as a resident of Germany?

If you have any questions regarding your BAMF Integration Course, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to assisting you!

How do I know my language proficiency level?

Many of our participants are unsure about their language proficiency level when starting a language course.

Are you starting to learn German from scratch? Or have you had some German lessons during your school years but are unsure about how much you remember? No problem!

Before you begin your BAMF Integration Course, we will conduct a placement test with you.

This test is completely non-binding and free of charge.

The result will indicate your current language level and help us determine the appropriate module for you.

This way, you can start your German course in Dessau successfully and directly.

Schedule for BAMF Integration Courses

BAMF Integration Course: All Information on Costs and Funding!

The German government provides a variety of financial support options for people who want to learn German, including the BAMF integration course. This means that under certain conditions, you can either participate for free or at a reduced cost.


When can I participate in the BAMF integration course for free?

If you have authorization or an obligation from the job center, immigration office, or BAMF, participation is free for you if you receive housing allowance or benefits according to SGB II / SGB III or SGB XII.


When do I receive discounts for participation?

If you have an obligation or authorization for the BAMF integration course and are already employed in Germany, you only have to pay €2.20 per teaching unit for participation. This amounts to a cost of €220.00 per module, which consists of 100 teaching units (TU). The complete integration course comprises 600 teaching units (TU).


When do I have to pay for the BAMF integration course myself?

Any participant who does not have authorization or an obligation to participate must bear the costs of the integration course themselves. These amount to €440.00, with one module consisting of 100 teaching units (TU) and the entire BAMF integration course consisting of 600 teaching units (TU).

Assistance with Completing the Application for Admission to the Integration Course

We understand that navigating German bureaucracy can be challenging at times. That's why we are here to help you with your admission application!

In the video below, education advisor Andrea Pagani will guide you step-by-step on what you need to consider when filling out the application.

We are proud to provide you with the video already equipped with Russian and Spanish subtitles. More languages will be available soon!

Here you will find the application for admission to an integration course and all important information regarding which regional office (not the Foreigners Authority) you need to send your application to.

Do you have any questions regarding formalities, registration, or the process of the BAMF integration course?

Funded Language Courses: What other options are available?

You are interested in funded language courses in Dessau but are unsure about the exact possibilities?

We are your competent contact, whether you are interested in funded language courses for individuals or funded language courses for companies.

It is not always easy to understand all the requirements and regulations, but with us, you are in good hands. We at Learn and Speak Dessau are happy to advise you and find the best way to support you!

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